If you’re facing problem how to pay off hospital bills, consider looking into our medical bill advocate. Your Satisfaction is our guarantee. Our experienced Medical Billing Specialist operates with uncompromising integrity. Our premier services are HIPAA complaint and confidential.

Our services packages are tailored to meet the best needs of our clients!

Monthly Maintenance Pack:

This package is for individuals who see various doctors weekly or bi-weekly and are looking for organization of medical bills and explanation of benefits (EOB’s). We will review, organize, audit, and ensure all bills are correct before you pay. We will direct you on what needs to be paid.

how to pay off hospital bills

20% Savings Pack:

This package is for individuals who have: large medical bills; suspect billing errors; or have charges that have been turned over to a collection agency. You pay the 20% only if we save you money! We will review the charges, insurance explanation of benefits, and bills. We will work with the providers, insurance companies, and/or collection agency to reduce your debts or eliminate them due to billing errors. This package is RISK FREE! **For extremely large medical debt we offer a $500 deposit plus 5% savings pack** We’ll select the package that is the most cost effective for you!

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Why Hire a Billing Advocate?

  • Over 90% of medical bills are inflated and/or contain inaccurate billing information
  • If uninsured, hospitals may only offer a 20% reduction
  • If you are responsible for coinsurance you could also be overpaying

Common Billing Errors:

  • Duplicate Claims
  • Upcoding
  • Unbundling
  • Incorrect Diagnosis
  • Improper Procedure Codes
  • Failure to Obtain Precertification or Authorization
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