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Lena Chambers BS, CPC, is the founder of Medical Claims Guru. She is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) with a bachelor’s of science degree in Health Care Administration (BSHA). Lena has served in the financial healthcare arena for 20 years. She is a Medical Bill Advocate with an acquired skilled set in navigating the ins and outs of the financial healthcare system. Here at Medical Claims Guru, we help clients untangle the web of medical billing. We’re here for the patients! We take the confusion out of Healthcare billing!
Lena work experience includes 18 years working in Patient Financial Services, for a large physician practice of over 200 doctors where she had roles in Supervision and Management of Patient Accounts. She also managed and overseen the operations and finances of the Dialysis facility. Lena has also worked for United Healthcare, one of the largest medical insurers nation-wide. She was a Service Account Manager, that assisted the City of Lakeland employees and retirees with their medical disputes, appeals, prescriptions issues, and medical bills.
Lena is a married mother of four who resides in Lakeland, FL. She is passionate about helping others win financially. Lena helps those in her community with budgeting, debt cancellations methods, and credit repair.She is active in her church and she also has a sponsored child in Ghana.

Medical Claims Specialist

Here we have a team of medical claims specialist who is dealing with the healthcare billing issue. We are Patient Advocates who work on their behalf to give the freedom, hope, and peace of mind.

Education and Professional Associations:

1. AA Degree from Polk State College
2. BS Degree in HealthCare Administration from Polk State College
3. CPC-Certified Professional Coder from AAPC
4. Certified Credit Counselor from NACCC (National Associations of Certified Credit Counselors)
5. Member of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

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