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Welcome to Medical Claims Guru

What We Do

  • Medical Billing and Claims Reviews: We ensure that the charges are billed correctly to make sure you are not overcharged or billed for services that should be adjusted.
  • Medical Billing Negotiations: We negotiate with providers, hospitals, and collection agencies!
  • Claim Appeals and Denials: We advocate for you and work directly with insurance companies and/or providers to get denied claims overturned and achieve favorable results!
  • Monthly Reconciliation of Medical Bills: We review, organize, and educate you on exactly what you need to pay thus ensuring you never overpay on medical bills.

We Follow the Highest Standards

Your Satisfaction is our guarantee. We are certified professional coders who operate with uncompromising integrity. Our premier services are HIPAA complaint and confidential.

debt reduction

Reduce your Debts!

We save you money! Our negotiators are here to work on your behalf to reduce your debts, find errors and ensure that you don’t overpay your medical bills.

We Fight for You!

We are your champion! We untangle the confusing web of medical billing giving you a peace of mind! We will decipher the maze for you and let you know exactly what you need to pay and nothing more.

Keep Your Time!

Our billing experts are honored to rid you of the burden of trying to figure out your medical bills. Time is money. We have decades of experience working with providers and insurance companies so you don’t have to.


What Our Client are Saying

I was involved in an auto accident and started receiving multiple bills from different providers. My car insurance medical benefits was exhausted and my health insurance wasn't paying my claims either. I decided to work with Lena and she had ALL my denied claims reprocessed by my insurance company.  All the medical bills went away! I highly recommend Medical Claims Guru!

Sanda W.


Sanda W.


What Our Partners are Saying

My granddaughter had brain surgery and was left with several large medical bills. There were some discrepancies with the insurance not wanting to pay all the bills.  Lena was very instrumental in getting my denied claims reprocessed and paid. I went from owing thousands of dollars to less than $300. I highly recommend Medical Claims Guru to anyone having challenges with medical debt!”

Camelia E.


Camelia E.

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